About me

Hello!  I’m Cheryl, your go to PA.  As a mother and a business owner, I know exactly the day-to-day struggles that you face, the time that it takes to not just be in your business but also to work on it. As well as running a family home and making sure i make the time to spend with my child and family.  I provide all my clients the help and support in their day-to-day lives and continue to help them succeed, and for them to gain back some free time so that they can spend this with their friends and family and not be working after hours, loosing precious time with their kids.

Throughout my career, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge, expertise and the ability to think outside of the box. 

I am an organised planner with a calm, professional manner and a natural ability to prioritise.  I have exceptional technical skills and a passion for perfection; I will always strive for the best ways to improve and to make things happen seamlessly, most importantly i am trustworthy.

I have lived in Sussex since birth, travelled the world and I now live in a small village surrounded by glorious countryside in the Cotswold’s where my office is based.  I spend my spare time with my partner and son or visiting friends & family.